Planning applications for week ending 29 May

The following planning applications have been lodged with Dumfries and Galloway Council.

KIRKCOLM, North Lossat Farm, High Ardwell, removal of 3 existing antennas and installation of 6 new antennas and 2 transmission dishes and removal of 2 equipment cabinets and installation of 2 new equipment cabinets. Applicant WFS Telecom Ltd (15/C/1/0020).

STONEYKIRK, land adjacent to Claycroft, erection of indoor/outdoor stables building, store and 3.5m retaining wall, formation of outdoor arena, sensory garden, car parking and access and installation of flood lighting, biodisc sewage treatment plant and soakaway system. Applicant Stranraer Happy hooves RDA Group (15/P/1/0087).

NEWTON STEWART, Penninghame St Johns Church, erection of extension and installation of ramp to north west elevation (demolition of existing flat roof extension). Applicant The Kirk Session (15/P/1/0093).

GLENLUCE, 153 Main Street, erection of extension to rear elevation of dwellinghouse. Applicant Mr and Mrs McKie (15/P/1/0104).

MINNIGAFF, Holmpark, north end of Riverbank, erection of three dwellinghouses. Applicant McClymont Construction (15/P/1/0108).

STRANRAER, Marnoch, Brookfield Avenue, erection of extension to south elevation of dwellinghouse. Applicant Miss Strang (15/P/1/0109).

GLENLUCE, Whithecairn and Glenluce Holiday Park, Whitecairn Farm, erection of 1 wind turbine (24.8m to hub - 36.6m to blade tip) and associated infrastructure. Applicant per Mr R Rankin (15/P/1/0110).

GATEHOUSE, Disdow Farm, Hillhead Cottage, removal of 3 antennas and 3 cabinets, installation of 6 replacement antennas, 3 dishes and 2 cabinets at esixting mast site. Applicant WFS Telecom Ltd (15/C/2/0019).

KIRKCUDBRIGHT, 1 Merse Park, erection of two styorey extension to side eevation of dwellinghouse. Applicant Mr David McGhie and Mrs A Singleton (15/P/2/0148).