Planning applications for week ending 19/04/13

NEW LUCE, Barlure Farm, construction of below ground slurry store. Applicant Mr A Mitchell; agent Evans Rural Design (13/D/1.0003).

WIGTOWN, Trammondford Park, erection of 1.8m high timber fencing. Applicant Wigtown & Bladnoch FC; agent Mr R Fiskin (13/P/1/0119).

GLENLUCE, Culquhasen Farm, erection of general purpose agricultural building and underground slurry store. Applicant Mr J McDowall; agent Evans Rural Design (13/P/1/0121).

STRANRAER, Clydesdale Bank, 89 Hanover Street, Stranraer, installation of access ramp to front elevation of bank building. Applicant Primero Contracts Ltd; agent Primero Contracts Ltd. (13/P/1/0132).

ARDWELL, Killaser, erection of two storey extension and balcony to rear eleveation of dwellinghouse. Applicant Mr & Mrs McFadzean; agent EA Design (13/P/1/0148).

DRUMMORE, Cardryne Farm, erection of general purpose agricultural building with underground slurry. Applicant WJF Ramsay & Sons; agent Mr George Smith (13/P/1/0149).

NEWTON STEWART, Barnkirk Depot, siting of two linked Portacabin buildings to form office, workshop, and associated accommodation, formation of three car parking spaces, erection of boundary fencing and access gate, formation of access (13/P/1/0150).

PORT LOGAN, Kirkbryde Farm, erection of general purpose agricultural building with underground concrete slurry channel and formation of earth banked slurry lagoon. Applicant M Caughie; agent Luce Bay Plant Hire Ltd (13/P/1/0151).

GLENLUCE, South Milton Farm, construction of slurry lagoon, formation of underground slurry reception tank and separator. Applicant JS Fleming; agent Hazel Smith (13/P/1/0152).

DRUMMORE, several Farm, Kirkmaiden, erection of extension to general purpose agricultural building, construction of silo and formation of menage (retrospective). Applicant MS Ramage T/A&JD Ramage; agent Hazel Smith (13/P/1/0153).

KIRKCOWAN, newton Stewart Road, erection of four dwellinghouses. Applicant Craichlaw Estate Trust; agent Adrian Paterson (13/P/1/0154).

GLENLUCE, adjacent to substation building, Barlockhart Moor Wind Farm, off A747, installation of external transformer fuel tank and generator. Applicant Barlockhart Moor Wind Energy Ltd; agent West Coast Energy Ltd. (13/P/1/0155).

WHITHORN, Cairndoon Bank, erection of general purpose agricultural building. Applicant William Ferrie - Farming; agent A Paterson (13/P/1/0159).

DUNRAGIT, land adjacent to Bareagle Nursery (E214389 N557521). Extraction of subsoil, cohesvie fill material, formation of temporary storage bund for subsoil, erection of temporary fencing. Applicant RJ McCleod (Contractors) Ltd; (13/P/1/0161).

GLENLUCE, Castle Sinninness Farm, construction of extension to silage pit and installation of effluent tank. Applicant JS Fleming; agent Hazel Smith (13/P/1/0163).

CREETOWN, Ley-of-Holmpark, erection of extension to north-west elevation of dwellinghouse to provide double garage and additional accommodation, removal of existing single storey wing. Applicant Mr Hunter; agent Ma A Clark (13/P/2/0091).

GATEHOUSE, 36 Fleetside, erection of single storey rear extension to dwellinghouse. Applicant J Aitken; agent Vogue Windows Ltd. (13/P/2/0093).

CREETOWN, Killiedhue, Old Military Road, erection of dwellinghouse and alterations to access (demolition of existing dwellinghouse). Applicant Mr&Mrs C Robinson; agent Jim Baines (13/P/2/0102).