Planners’ windfarm objections reduced

Elected members on Dumfries and Galloway Council’s planning committee are ready to reduce the number of objections they have to a windfarm proposal in a “rare landscape” from three to two.

Ahead of the forthcoming public consultation on renewable energy company Wind Prospect Ltd’s plans to create a 24 turbine windfarm at Stranoch, New Luce, next Wednesday’s meeting in Dumfries should see the planning committee remove their objection to the development due to insufficient details about improvements to the U90w Braid Fell road, after the energy company supplied full details showing the work proposed.

Council planners still recommend objecting to the windfarm on the grounds that it would have a “significant environmental effect on the visual amenity and landscape character of the plateau moorland and the scale of the proposed turbines would overwhelm and detract for the character of the landscape which is rare in Dumfries and Galloway.”

A further objection was “the development of windfarms in eastern Wigtownshire is already committed at Artfield Fell / Blurrier Fell, Bar Lockhart Moor, Kilgailloch, Glenchamber, Carscreugh and Airies and at Arecleoch directly butting the Dumfries and Galloway border, resulting in a visually continuous grouping of over 200 turbines in this relatively defined upland area of South West Scotland.”

Scottish Ministers, in line with procedure after a local planning authority objects, will now hold a Public Inquiry week commencing April 20.