Planned supermarket numbers don’t add up

OPPONENTS of the plans for a new supermarket in Newton Stewart claim numbers show a three-to-one ratio against the proposals.

Peter Jeal, of Wigtownshire Chamber of Commerce, said this week that a vocal group in favour of the store – which will be Asda, Tesco or Morrisons – can’t compete with a 1300-name signature being prepared under the name of SOS – or Save Our Streets.

Mr Jeal said: “The simple fact is that – based on evidence, not the hype of the supermarket developers – there will be less shopping choice in Newton Stewart if this store goes ahead because other grocery retailers will no longer be viable. It’s happened all over the UK for those who wish to see it.”

A website in support of the plans now has almost 500 members and shows strong favour towards welcoming an Asda to the town.

Developers CWP this week announced plans to launch its own webpage to act as a type of feedback platform.