Pillar problem closes Merrick gym

The Merrick Leisure Centre’s fitness suite was closed on Monday after concerns about one of the pillars that could possibly be supporting it came to light during renovations to the swimming pool below.

The Profile Fitness Suite in Newton Stewart’s main sports hub will remain shut until further notice according to the council. This is a double whammy for users of the centre as the swimming pool is out of action until the beginning of next month to allow for maintenance work to be completed.

A Dumfries and Galloway Council spokesperson said: “After sand-blast cleaning of pillars near the pool area, one appeared to have some corrosion at the base. The pillars are approximately below the fitness suite which was closed as a precaution in case the affected pillar was a structural support. The pillars are being inspected. Once the inspection is complete and we have a report from the specialists, we will have a better idea of whether the gym has to remain closed and, if so, how long for.

“This is not expected to affect the work on the remainder of the pool area.”