Pied piper required for Wigtown Week

The recent Wigtown Community Festival had “more than washed its face” financially according to Wigtown and District Community Council David Moran.

The community week was well supported by the older generation but the treasurer felt there was a need to discuss the timing of the week to attract as many children as possible in the future.

Mr Moran commented: “Trying to suit kids is difficult as there are other things on and we are living in austere times. There was no problem with the evening events for adults but some of the daytime events for the kids didn’t attract a great deal of folk. We also need more volunteers to come forward too as at some of events the youngest volunteer was 63!”

The idea of holding a concentrated kids’ weekend at the beginning of the summer holidays was suggested as was linking the festival with the Riding of the Marches, which was successfully resurrected this year. But member Nick Walker pointed out that there were many established equestrian events in the area for local riders and moving the common riding might clash with one of them.

Matt Kitson agreed the community council would have to discuss moving the festival as feedback he received suggested many families go on holiday immediately after the schools broke up, but again, there was the danger of clashing with the Pageant in Newton Stewart and Port William’s Carnival Week.

The community festival received a cheque for £500 from the town’s community shop towards the running of Wigtown Week.

The blocked core path in Wigtown is to be referred to the Right of Way Commission in Edinburgh by community council member Joe McKeown after a landowner did not respond to the Community Council’s letter requesting the path be reopened.