Photography exhibition open at Unit 3 Gallery

The winter exhibition at the Unit 3 Gallery on the Bladnoch Bridge Industrial Estate
The winter exhibition at the Unit 3 Gallery on the Bladnoch Bridge Industrial Estate

The Unit 3 Gallery have launched their first winter exhibition with the focus on photography.

Now open, the new exhibition in Wigtown has work from professional photographers as well as amateurs from across the region.

In fact, it is the delicate blend of amateur and professional work which makes this show interesting, and typifies the ethos of Unit 3; where democratic vigour aims for high standards without the gallery becoming too precious.

The gallery asked the exhibitors to choose work that showcases their artistry as well as their technical ability.

So the crisp geometric images of William Menear, the street photography of David Moses, the rarified landscapes of Michal Sur to the constructed tableaux of Kim Ayres and the striking wild life portraits of Roger Lever all sit beside work of the highest quality by so­ called amateur photographers.

Amateur here means only that their work might not be the prime source of income.

Two images of rural life in Lithuania, a story in themselves, sent over by Kestutis Pleita especially for this exhibition are typical of the skill and ambition of the so called amateur.

The work of Andy Farrington and Avis Harmes both offer us a testament of their unique vision of local landscape while Margaret Elliot and John Repath demonstrate the high standards of the Dumfries Camera Club.

Closer to home we have Mary Mackenzie’s almost abstract images, Terry Wetherilt’s delicate wee pictures which betray his painterly origins and the arresting detail of Robert Hartford’s photos.

A special mention for Laura Cridford as the only exhibitor to show her work uncropped and unedited with 61 prints mounted on large boards where the camera is the unadorned eye.

Placed amongst the photography are some sculptures by Mark Myles from Glasgow which are deceptively simple; they do not distract attention from the walls, but do ask of the viewer that age old question, ‘What is art?’

Mark is adamant that the idea is all important. The baleful gaze of Ramsay Dick’s steel hawk gazes down from on top of a glass cabinet which contains Louise Martin’s ‘Decoupunk’ work; perhaps he has an opinion of his own!

The exhibition will be open daily 10am till 4pm, Monday to Friday (Saturday by appointment), until January 30 2016.