Pharmacy appeal granted

AN APPEAL has been granted against the decision by NHS Dumfries and Galloway to block plans for a second pharmacy in the Newton Stewart area.

Pro-pharmacy campaigner Keith McElrea, who runs a pharmacy in Whithorn together with his wife, told the Galloway Gazette yesterday that a hearing will now take place on February 15.

The proposed new pharmacy, which was to have been based in Minnigaff, was turned down earlier this year because NHS D&G felt that "an inadequacy of service had not been sufficiently proved".

But residents, elected Dumfries and Galloway councillors and community council members all expressed the opinion that the present service provided by Boots in Newton Stewart's Victoria Street was far from adequate.

Mr McElrea said: "We now have a lot more in the way of written evidence to bring to the panel.

"But really the more letters we can encourage members of the public to write to the NHS about the poor service levels of late, the stronger the case we will be able to put forward".

The application for a licence came from Michael Rodden of Northern Chemists in Dumfries.