Whithorn filmmaker seeks funding for new project

Whithorn filmmaker George Atkinson is aiming to raise £20,000 to fund his latest project.

By Brian Yule
Monday, 21st March 2022, 1:35 pm
George Atkinson is hoping to start fliming From Here to There! later this year if he can get it funded
George Atkinson is hoping to start fliming From Here to There! later this year if he can get it funded

The short film From Here to There! is a science fiction romance film about a young man named Casper who builds a teleportation device to garner the affections of his crush “Ellen”.

George is perhaps best known for his YouTube personality 'The Fragrance Apprentice' where he incorporates his cinematic style to fragrance reviewing.

He founded Effortless Pictures in his 20s and this last year saw the release of a documentary ‘Searching for Secret Heroes’ about music historian, writer and record producer Sam Charters and his wife Ann; a noted photographer and writer.

George also recently completed the short film, ‘Grace’, which examines the moral test for a young woman whose husband is in the advanced stages of a degenerative illness.

This year George also hopes to shoot and complete From Here to There!, with he and his co-director Alan Ciechalski each putting up £2,500 of their own money and turning to Kickstarter to raise the remainder of the budget.

He said: “I wanted whichever project I brought to Kickstarter contributors and Fragrance Apprentice followers to be my second or third project, so that I would have more experience under my belt and a stronger ability to bring a great team together

“Writing From Here to There! was an absolute joy and I feel it plays to many of my strengths: something that is fast paced, fun and entertaining and is a science fiction film and hopefully a thoughtful idea at it's core.

"In the worlds of Star Wars, Harry Potter and Star Trek we see very basic ideas of good vs evil, but also smaller stories can be told about how someone decides to value themselves, their loved one and those around them.”

It is estimated the project will provide around 50 jobs during a difficult period for the creative industry, and casting has already taken place with Timothy Blore, who can be seen in ‘Colosseum’ later this year, and will be a familiar voice to some through his work with Big Finish, in the role of Casper.