Search for missing dog continues

Teal is missing
Teal is missing

The Oxfordshire-based owners of a missing dog in the Kirkcowan area are appealing for any help in their frantic search to locate their beloved German Wirehaired Pointer Teal.

The dog went missing in the Kirkcowan area when out and about with her owners two weeks ago.

But despite long hours spent searching by the owners and volunteers, plus endless posters and notes put through letter boxes, Teal remains lost.

There have been several positive sightings in and around Kirkcowan village and volunteers remain hopeful she will eventually show herself enough to be caught.

One of the volunteers told The Gazette: “Unfortunately she is nervous of strangers and will run away if approached. Apparently quite normal behaviour for lost dogs, even when their owners try to approach their beloved pet. This makes the rescue a little more challenging than one would expect.

“Her owners were up here on a break and whilst they managed to stay for another week to organise a search for her, they have had to make the heartbreaking decision of returning home to jobs and families. A group of hardy volunteers are supporting the family and trying to pin a regular resting spot down so she can be caught. Night cams have been put in place and a food station set up in the hope of bringing her to a local point. She has had several visits to the village at night time, indicating she is hiding out during the day.

“Sadly, in the last week the sightings have become less frequent and there is a concern she may have moved on or changed her pattern.

“Teal has been a very special pet to her owner and helped her through difficult times. The whole of Kirkowan Village is very keen to help get this pooch re untied with her.

“If anyone spots a dog like Teal out on it’s own, please get in touch as soon as you can and state the time, date and place you think you saw her. We would love to hear from anyone who has good night vision equipment and would be interested in helping locate Teal.”

If you see a dog like Teal please contact Scott on 01671 830354 / mobile 07585 047 384 or Tina on 01671 830283, or get in touch with The Galloway Gazette on 01671 403363.