Open Episcopal Church arrives in south west Scotland

Archbishop Jonathan Blake has appointed the Rev Debra Maria Flint to bring the Open Episcopal Church to south west Scotland.

The Rev Debra Maria Flint being ordained by Archbishop Jonathan Blake

Generally speaking, the Open Episcopal Church does not operate from any particular buildings but brings its services to the people in any place, anywhere.

Baptisms, christenings, naming ceremonies and eucharist services can therefore take place in the home as well as in other venues.

While the Church is not yet well known in Scotland, it is growing rapidly in England, Wales and Ireland.

The Rev Flint, who was ordained as a deacon at St Francis Chapel in Kent, last month, has named this area ‘The parish of St Jude with Venerable Mary Ward’.

She said: “I am not daunted by the large area I will be covering as I have always been a highly energetic person with a great zeal for ministry.”