Pensioner scammed over nuisance call scheme

An 81-year-old Stranraer man has been scammed by a thief who stole cash after convincing him to sign up to a nuisance call-barring scheme.

The man was contacted by telephone by someone offering a system for getting rid of nuisance telephone calls. The agreement was that for £2 per month, for three years, nuisance calls could be eradicated.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “The caller was able to give the victim the first eight digits of their bank card, and was quite convincing in his sales pitch. The victim accepted the offer and later received by post a small box which he was instructed to attach to his phone line. When he did, the line went dead.

“The victim thereafter found that the full cost of the three year contract, some £89, had been deducted from his account in one transaction, as opposed to the £2 per month as agreed.”

Enquiries are currently underway in relation to this transaction, however contact with the firm now appears to have dried up.