Penninghame take cross country title

P6 mile runners.
P6 mile runners.

The Machars Primaries Cross Country, kindly sponsored by J B Printers in Newton Stewart, took place on Friday, April 26, after being snowed off in March.

Despite a better forecast, the 200-plus pupils still braved rain, wind and hail among the sunny spells to compete in the annual event.

Penninghame Primary reigned victorious, winning the overall school title, gaining the most points from each event. The first 10 runners home were recorded and these points made up the total scores.

Results were:

Primary 7 Mile; 1. Conor Cluckie, Penninghame, 2. Jake Service, Kirkcowan, 3. Craig Brown, Garlieston, 4. Harry McCreath, Garlieston, 5. Darren Jones, Penninghame, 6. Sam Gurling, Penninghame, 7. Euan Sneddon, Penninghame, 9. Struan Hayes, Penninghame, 10. Andrew Cannon, Wigtown.

Primary 6 Mile; 1. Arran McKie, Minnigaff, 2. Josh Wright, Penninghame, 3. Cameron Kelly, Creetown, 4. Ross Innes, Wigtown, 5. Louis Irvine, Kirkinner, 6. Graeme Smith, Port William, 7. Johnny Blaschek, Creetown, 8. Jamie Smith, Wigtown, 9. Ben Robertson, Port William, 10. Lucy Gaw, Port William.

Primary 5 Mile; 1. Thomas Scott, Penninghame, 2. Craig Mc Culloch, Penninghame, 3. Rachel Quigley, Wigtown, 4. Josh Brown, Minnigaff, 5. Stuart Whan, Minnigaff, 6. Rory Donnan, Minnigaff, 7. Callum Robert, Wigtown, 8. Brandon Kirk, Penninghame, 9. Adam Old, Port William, 10. Callum Adams, Kirkcowan.

Primary 7 Half Mile; 1. Brandon Gillespie, Kirkcowan, 2. Charlotte Nash, Port William, 3. Rachael Dorans, Penninghame, 4. Emily Spencer, Creetown, 5. Erin Mc Philips, Port William, 6. Ruby Roberts-Self, Kirkcowan, 7. Katrina Gorman, Penninghame, 8. Jade Marshall, Penninghame, 9. Chiara McLean, Creetown, 10. Mhairi Adams, Wigtown.

Primary 6 Half Mile; 1. Callum Semple, Port William, 2. Emma McTier, Creetown, 3. Jack Nuttall, Creetown, 4. Harry Laycock, Garlieston, 5. Logan Harris, Penninghame, 6. James Brawls, Port William, 7. Jade Stewart, Minnigaff, 8. Andrew Black, Kirkinner, 9. Ryan Smith, Minnigaff, 10. Tamsin Carson, Kirkinner.

Primary 5 Half Mile; 1. Christopher Aitchison, Kirkinner, 2. Hamish Sutherland, Penninghame, 3. Jake Moore, Minnigaff, 4. Gregor Gaw, Port William, 5. Ella Wallace, Port William, 6=. Eilidh Sneddon, Penninghame, Lizzie Tattam, Creetown, 7. Adam Reid, Minnigaff, 8. Joey Murray, Port William, 9. Kitty McCreath, Garlieston.

P6/7 Have a go; 1. Owen McKie, Penninghame, 2. Karen King, Kirkcowan, 3. Grace Taylor, Kirkcowan, 4. Kirsty Plunkett, Wigtown, 5. Ross Holmes, Penninghame, 6. Ryan Brawls, Port William, 7. Libby Adams, Kirkcowan, 8. David Donn, Creetown, 9. Dylan Mc Keown, Penninghame.

Primary 5 Have a go; 1. Angus McMcClymont, Creetown, 2. Jo Jackson, Penninghame, 3. Connie McLean, Wigtown, 4. Summer McCutcheon, Penninghame, 5. Zoe McCutcheon, Penninghame, 6. Caitlin Maxwell, Garlieston, 7. Holly Gilmour, Port William, 8. Gemma Ritchie, Penninghame, 9. Jake McVittie, Minnigaff, 10. Stan Bennett, Penninghame.

The final event was the relay race, where Penninghame, consisting of Conor Cluckie, Sam Gurling and Euan Sneddon, came in first; Wigtown, consisting of Andrew Cannon, Jamie Smith and Ross Innes, came in second; and Penninghame, also secured a third place with their team of Leo Cresswell, Darren Jones and Abbie McNeillie.

Wigtown and Port William both came in third place, Creetown second and Penninghame the overall winners.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who staffed the event and special thanks to all the parents and family who turned out to support the kids in the elements.