Parking at Mercat Cross is legal say police

Parking issues at the Mercat Cross in the town look set to continue after police told members of Wigtown and District Community Council, at their meeting in Kirkinner Hall on Monday night, that parking there was not illegal.

The junction of North and South Main Street has become a traditional parking area in the town but there have been complaints from resident about the number of vehicles parking broadside onto the road especially during the recent book festival,

Community Officer Nicola McFadzean told the meeting that officers could not issue parking tickets as long as there was room for vehicles to travel down each side. She described the area as a ”weird junction” but added that if a vehicle was causing an obstruction the police should be informed so they can do something about it.

The officer added that the matter of the road markings was the responsibility of the local authority. Members wondered if they should ask to council to create designated ‘parking boxes’ there but Community Councillor Willie McCartney said that very subject had been discussed with the council “two or three years ago” an the idea was “not popular with the people of Wigtown” and he advised to “leave well alone”.

Teething problems with the council’s new multi-bin zero waste police were discussed at the meeting. One Wigtown resident claimed one of her recycling boxes had been “stolen” while Bladnoch residents were initially given the wrong rota dates.

However, these hiccups have now been ironed out and the new system “is here to stay” said Councillor Geddes. He commented: “You have to remember the council were forced into this by the Scottish government. Wigtownshire is generally at the coo’s tail but if it’s a contentious issue we are the testing ground!”

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