Parents and pupils awarded for family learning initiative

Families who have been participating in a family learning school initiative celebrated their achievements at a graduation ceremony.

FLASH (Family Learning and Schools Homework) has been a family learning programme that has focused on literacy, language and numeracy involving local families coming into Belmont Primary School in Stranraer together and participating in a range of fun learning activities.

Chair of Dumfries and Galloway Council’s Education committee, Jeff Leaver, said of the project: “One of our council’s priorities is to provide the best start in life for all our children.

“It is pleasing to hear of initiatives such as FLASH, and how much the service users get out of such initiatives.

“Initiatives like this create a positive environment where the whole family can learn together. Children have clearly benefitted from the programme by having help with homework and parents have gained the confidence to help out with their child’s homework.

Parents participated in playtime activities and focus play which helped them understand issues such as fine motor skills and the educational importance of play. The focus play activity in particular helped parents to realise the benefit of one-to-one play.

Families received a free hamper for attending with family games and free family swims at the Ryan Centre has led to families spending more time together experiencing a wider range of activities out with school.

One of the main benefits for families has been that FLASH helped take away the stress of homework and by completing it together in class time parents spoke about homework being a far calmer and more enjoyable experience and parents became more confident in asking staff for advice about doing homework.

Through parental attendance at FLASH the need for a dads group was established and as a result of speaking to the dads and granddads who did attend FLASH a specific series of dads and kids sessions were planned. The first block consisted of story-telling activities with a local author.

With the second block focussing on practical cooking skills, the course focused on health and wellbeing outcomes allowing dads and their kids to cook together and also looking at government guidelines around healthy eating and what their children are taught in school.

The evaluation from dads was very positive indicating that they do not ‘get the chance’ to cook at home with their children and it helped them overcome their own fears about coming into school; getting to know staff and spending quality one-to-one time with their children.