Parent council discuss curriculum

THE January meeting of the Douglas Ewart High School Parent Council took place on Monday, January 31.

The School handbook is currently being updated to give pupils/parents information on the Curriculum for Excellence in addition to the relevant information about the school.

It was suggested that constant updates could be added as pupils progress through the school, perhaps included in the newsletter. Following consultation, the Scottish Government is to provide recommendations for changes.

A new template of the School Improvement Plan is to be launched from this session. It could be put onto the website.

Mr. Cowie was asked to give a simple explanation of the Curriculum for Excellence. He said that pupils in S2 this year will be the last to follow the present curriculum and pupils in S1 will have the new exams. To allow the model to develop over the next few years may mean split classes in the upper school to accommodate structures and a revised model for the junior school. Mr. Cowie said that choices provided would be partly dictated by what staff are available. He said that he also does not yet know what his staff profile will be for next year and this will be clearer after the council budget meeting.

Various suggestions were put forward for a fund-raising and social evening, perhaps including talks/demonstrations. The sub-committee is to look into these regarding costs and alternative venues.

Notification had been received regarding parking at the bottom of Corsbie Road. Double yellow lines are to be added to make access easier and for the safety of pupils. Mr. Cowie has sent a letter to parents to make them aware of where they can park when attending meetings etc. at the school. The double yellow lines mean no parking at any time. He also advised that, as funds are available, there was the possibility of bringing forward the erection of fencing around the school so that the whole site can be made secure. As the site is shared with The Merrick Centre there will have to be a way in provided for this facility. Mr. Cowie suggested that quality CCTV around the site would prove beneficial.

A Dragon’s Den Competition is being organised in school on March 16 and sponsorship and judges are being sought.

The next meeting of the Parent Council will be held on Monday, February 28 at 7pm.