Pageant’s 82 years of tradition 
‘is finished’

The end of the Pageant?
The end of the Pageant?

The organisers of this year’s Galloway Pageant say 82 years of tradition is surely over due to public apathy for the community event in Newton Stewart.

Only three members of the public attended last week’s annual general meeting of the pageant committee, and office-bearers hit out at the residents of the town who want the annual week-long summer celebrations to go ahead but expect others to do all the work to organise it.

This year’s chairman Colin Faulds said: “As far as I can see the pageant is finished. People are sick of hearing ‘save the pageant, save the pageant’ year after year.

“In my opinion it time the younger ones came forward and take it in a different direction, even rename it. The best idea would be the have a one-day event in Minnigaff Park.

Mr Faulds has been chairman twice, and on the committee for over ten years.

He stepped down five years ago, but came back “to help out” to ensure there was a pageant in the summer, mainly because no-one else seemed willing to take on the chairman’s role.

In an excoriating summation, he added: “Last year was the finish for me with only one lorry in the parade. There was no atmosphere at all.

“I have to give up work for the week, park the lorry, which means I lose money. But I still do it willingly and don’t expect anything back. But now I have other family commitments and I’m not as fit.

“People don’t seem to care any more. But, I must say, the businesses in the town were always great with sponsorship. It is financially healthy.”

The three people there were keen to form a committee so another meeting will be held shortly to try and drum up more support. Anyone interested in the community event should go the Galloway Pageant Facebook page for more details about date, time and venue.