Owners must tidy up derelict properties

The owner of a derelict property in Wigtown has told the local authority that he has firm plans to improve the building.

Dumfries and Galloway Council was notified by the community council last month after residents’ concerns about the condition of some properties were brought to the attention of community councillors in the town.

Mid Galloway councillor Alistair Geddes said the council was keen to “find a way forward” over derelict properties and, to that end, a Section 179 order would be served on owners. This gives the council a statutory right to order home owners to carry out various works and, if this is not done, the council can then step in, do the work themselves and then charge the property owner. The wall to the rear of 24 North Main Street was in the process of being repaired by DGHP. They had been given the green light from the council’s building control but now needed approval for the works from Historic Scotland.