Outdoor fun in Stewartry for Rhins pupils

Ruth, Kathryn, Jamie, Rhona and Jack found a peaceful spot to relax from the mountain biking.
Ruth, Kathryn, Jamie, Rhona and Jack found a peaceful spot to relax from the mountain biking.

Last month, Portpatrick and Leswalt Primary schools went to a residential trip at Stronord outdoor learning centre.

The pupils tell us about their experience.

“We went with Colin Belton, Mrs Bathgate, Kelly Mcreadie and Ms.Whorlow. The reason we went there was to improve are skills and confidence for the future.

It was a 35 minute bus trip until we got to the centre. When we got there we met are instructors. We had a few snacks and then the instructors told us what we were going to do and wear. We went out to the garage and were fitted with appropriate clothing. We set off on the bus. After a 20minute bus drive we had reached are destination. We saw a massive waterfall and a few carved stones before we stopped for are first snack. I fell into a 6 inch deep puddle . We kept walking until we got to the “death” bridge. We got to the top of a hill and there was a massive blizzard we got into a massive huddle and I was squashed. I really enjoyed the hill walking and would like to do it again.

We got back to the centre and we had our dinner Pizza and chips it was delicious. A few people helped to clean the tables while others went outside to play. After we had been out for about 1 hour we went back inside and in to our dormitory. I played on my I pod and ate a few sweets I was in the bottom bunk below Jack. At nine it was lights off .

I got out of bed ready for day 2. At 9 o clock the instructors came there was one we hadn’t met yet and he was called Andrew he was there to help us with the mountain biking. It was a 8 minute drive in the minibus, Once we got there we were split into 2 groups of twelve. I did orienteering first Robertson told us how to read a map and what we would be doing. We walked into the forest and were set out in pairs with a map and we had to find numbers. Next we had a race round the forest while we were orienteering  Connor and I had done one thing in 42 seconds – the best. Next was mountain biking Alexzander fitted us with the correct safety equipment and the right bike. Alexander also tested our ability by making sure we could break and turn corners. We cycled Up and down hills through trees and other amazing routes. I found out that we were riding on the 7 staines routes (the 7 best mountain biking routes in Scotland.)  We went across a 1ft path with a 30ft dam at one side and a deep loch at the other side. We had a choice of walking across or riding across I decided to ride across. I made it across alive. We crossed another one but not as big. We cycled back to the minibus and Alexzander Fitted the bus with the bikes and off we went.

I found Stronord really fun and I learnt lots of new skills and it was a good experience.

Magnus Ross, Portpatrick Primary

​​​​On the 26th of February we set of to Stronord outdoor activity centre. On the first day we went hill walking, we left the mini buses and walked up with stunning views of a  water fall. The next bit of the hill was very slippery and there were rocks to climb on.  When we got over the rocks there was a stone wall we just saw a small face carved in to the stone. Then we came up to another waterfall and we used that as a snack spot. We walked over a bridge with holes, and it was wobbly.  The next stage of the climb was very rough and it was into the trees. It was astonishing scenery - it was great. There were very deep puddles and our feet got wet.  We got to the top and there was a very heavy ice storm and Jack, Kerr and Jamie huddled together . It stopped and we headed down the hill .

The next day we went mountain biking and went on the seven stains mountain bike track  and went through puddles and uphill and downhill. At the  end of the day we went orienteering and we had a race. There were  six practices then there was a race from these numbers 1, 4 ,7 ,8, 9  and 10 we all had small tags to plug in to these machines .

It was brilliant fun.

Jack Rickard, Leswalt Primary

Portpatrick and Leswalt primary went on a school trip for an overnight stay at Stronord to do fun and existing out-door learning. We went to stay for two full days and one night .

When we arrived off the bus we got introduced to be leaders for the activity’s, who were Alex, Robbie, Andy and David. They firs told us a little bit about them and then they told us what we were going to do and how.

First we had to get are appropriate clothing like waterproofs, hats and walking boots. After we got a mini bus to the place where we were going to be walking. Then we started walking up a long, but tall mountain. The first thing that amazed everyone was the gigantic waterfall, and then we entered a maze that had carved faces on the wood. The scariest thing was when we all had to cross the death bridge which was an old bridge that had missing pieces of wood and some parts were wobbly. finally we got up and it took us about three hours but that was only up then we had to go back down ! Just before we were going to eat lunch at the top a massive hail stone storm came and nobody could see a thing.

Before we got into our rooms and into bed we stayed up for about an hour and played about and then we were all lying in bed just talking, when Abbigale started sleep talking in her sleep, by the time it was morning we all couldn’t believe that we made it through the night because we went to bed at 11 o’clock and woke up at 7 o clock.

Then we were on our next activity witch was orienteering, first we were put into groups one group doing bike riding and the other group doing orienteering. We were given maps to find the correct number with a partner.  Lara and I  got little plugs that count how many minutes we took .  It was a race and me and Lara decided to go last and we overtook everyone,  apart from two pairs. Our time was 10 minutes and 34 seconds.

Next we swapped over and we did bike riding up and down long bumps also some muddy puddles. Our bikes were all different sizes and there was a part when there was a lane but to one side of it was a 30 feet and to the other side was a big lake so you had to ride straight through it.

I enjoyed the bike riding the most and I learnt to always take appropriate clothing with you.

By Isla Carter, Portpatrick Primary

​​On Thursday the 26th of February Leswalt Primary 5-7 and Portpatrick Primary 6-7 went off to Stronord outdoor Education Centre.

On the Thursday we did hill walking. We climbed Fell of Talnotry which took 5 HOURS!! When we got to the top there was a massive hail storm, and if you turned round a tiny bit it would be really sore. My favourite bit of hill walking was coming back down because it was really slippy and everyone kept falling in the mud!

When we got back everyone got in their PJs and a woman came and made tea - it was delicious!

On the Friday we got up and went to Kiroughtree and did mountain biking,we did some of the hardest tracks there! We went over a track were one side was a 30ft drop and a deep lake on the other side of it!

Later on Friday we did Orienteering had six practice runs, where we had to use a stamper. On the second round they went round with electronic pins, where they had to go round a course. My time was 11:24 which was 3rd place.

My favourite activity was Mountain biking. Freya Bathgate P7 from Leswalt said “ The instructors were really friendly and I really enjoyed it and I would go back! “

Rhona Baillie, Leswalt Primary   

On the 26 of February Portpatrick and Leswalt School went to Stronornd outdoor learning centre to have fun and to learn different skills. When we were there we had lots of fun because we were mountain walking, mountain biking and orienteering.

When we arrived at the centre we got introduced to Alex, Robbie and David these were our instructors for our trip. First we went and arranged who was sleeping were. I was on the bottom bunk .

After that we went and got ready to go hill walking so we would need sensible clothing because it was very cold and wet. Next we got into mini buses and they took us to our destination the mountain. The first thing I saw was the beautiful waterfall in the background I could hear it splash against the rocks and the tiny waves as we went past. When we were walking our boats were getting muddy and wet. Then we came across a stone wall with carved faces on witch I found very unusual because I have never seen that before. It was very tiring walking up the hill because we were walking for about 3 and a half hours. When we got to the top we were having a rest but then suddenly a strong blizzard of hail came raining down on us. We could hear them hitting and bouncing of us. It made us very cold so we bunched up in a huddle to keep warm. Once it stopped we started to walk down the hill. Then after a long time of walking we finally reached the bottom of the mountain. I was proud of myself because it was hard and I had never done it before but I was relieved to be finish and go back to the centre to rest.

When we got back we had a little rest and then we had our tea to fill us up then we had a great time hanging out with each other, playing outside, chatting and playing games but mostly having FUN!!!!! We also got chocolate cake with ice cream it was delicious. After a while we were sent to our dormitories but the girls still had fun because we were doing each other’s hair.  Finally, everyone went to sleep.

In the morning we all got dressed, washed and had our breakfast. Once we did that we went outside to play until the instructors came back. When they arrived we got our rucksack ready to go. Next we got split into 2 groups then put in the mini buses to be taken to the forest. My group did orienteering first. The first thing we needed to do was to orientate our maps so they were facing the right way. Next we were put into patterns and given different maps to find numbered controls to see how we coped with it . My partner and I found five controls out of 6 and I think we got the most out of our group. Next we got different maps again to do a circuit round the forest but we were timed to see how long it took us my partner and I came second but by a couple of minutes we got 10 minutes and 34 seconds.

After that, my group went on to mountain biking next. First we needed to get the right sized bike, gloves and helmet so we were safe uncase we fell of and just to make sure we are safe. Before we started our instructor made sure we could brake properly uncase we went down a steep hill. My favourite part of the mountain biking was when we went on a very narrow path with a 30ft droop on one side and a lake on the other so it was a bit scary but I managed to do it. When we were on our bikes we could hear birds chirping songs in the distance it sounded very peaceful. We also followed quite hard routes throughout the forest so it was very fun and interesting. I wasn’t that confident on bikes before but now I am much more confident and I gave myself lots of challenges on this task.

I enjoyed this school trip because I gave myself lots of challenges and I was able to do them so I am proud of myself. I would love to do it again another time.  My favourite activity was the mountain because I had the most fun but I enjoyed them all so much. I learned that you need to ware sensible clothing and a pack more layers and extra waterproofs in your rucksack. Over all I learned a lot of things and enjoyed everything that we did so overall it was the best school trip EVER!!!!!!!!

Lara Cole, Portpatrick Primary

On the 26th of February Leswalt primary school p5-7 went to Stronord  on an overnight school trip with Porpatrick primary p6-7. Stronord was an old school house that has now is changed into 2 separate dormitories a girls one and a boys one.

The first activity we did was hill walking we were all told  take spare waterproofs because it could be very cold and wet. The waterproofs came in handy because when we were walking up the hills it started to snow really heavily and there were also hail stones. The walking was very fun, but also very tiring.

When we got back Carol the cook made us tea and then we all put our jammies on and played outside.

In the morning we split into 2 groups; one group went mountain biking and the other went orienteering.

 During the mountain biking we cycled on 2 of the 7 stanes track and we also cycled over a dam that had a 30ft drop and over a massive bridge. For orienteering you had to find a orange marker and stamp the number on it on to a piece of card and the we had a competition where ;you had to find the orange markers and scan the number on it and run back. Rhona and I were partners and were second

We all had a really good time and I am sure we would all like to go back to Stronord .

Kathryn Topping, Leswalt Primary

At the end of February  p5-7 went on a little trip to Stronrord over night.

We all did 3 activities. We all stayed one night. The schools that went were Portpatrick and Leswalt.

The first day we went on a really good walk they saw a lot of different water falls - they were stunning. We were walking for just over 3 hours. We walked over hills and walked in the woods and on paths. It was a great achievement.

After we got home this really nice lady called Carol made tea. We got to choose from macaroni and pizza. She also very kindly gave us chocolate cake and ice cream. Every one really enjoyed their tea. After Carol left we got to play about either outside or inside. Outside there was a lovely big garden to play tig. Inside there was a lovely lounge to chill about. So we did that for a while. We all came in at dark and played inside. Then we all went in to rooms and talked until we all fell asleep.

In the morning Colin (the parent from Portpatrick ) and the teacher from Leswalt made breakfast. Then wey got ready for biking and orienteering . Before we left we split in to two teams. In orienteering  we got to find numbers and then they had to do races. After that we had lunch. We then went biking. We went down hills and up hills and on flat paths. It was amazing.

Sadly that was the end of the trip and we came home. If I was to give it stars out of five, I would give it five.

Arden McIntyre, Leswalt Primary

On Thursday the 26th of February Portpatrick and Leswalt left in a bus to go to Stronord Activity Centre near Newton Stewart. We were going to Stronord to have fun walking up hills and going mountain biking. We had two supervisors that came with us which were Mr Belton (Ruth’s Dad) and Mrs Bathgate (Teacher Of The Big Class At Leswalt) Mr Belton kept an eye on all of the boys and Mrs Bathgate kept an eye on all of the girls.

When we arrived at the activity centre everybody had to put there bags on the bed they wanted and get on their waterproofs and sit down at a table with our friends. When all of the people that work there arrived they explained to us what you are meant to do then we set off. After a 20 minute drive we finally reached our destination. Once we knew what we had to do we were just getting started to walk up one of the Galloway hills. I have never actually walked up a hill as big before. We stopped at the top when a very large hail storm started and everybody had to huddle to protect themselves. Walking up the huge hill was fun especially coming back down.

We went back to the activity centre to have our tea I had pizza and chips the same as all of my other friends it was delicious. One we had our tea we had pudding we all had chocolate cake with ice cream it was delicious as well. When we were finished with everything I had to help clear all of the tables. When I had finished all of the tables we all went outside to have fun. We then had an easter egg hunt I only got one though. After all, night time was very fun and I had all of my friends with me.

The next morning we all woke up and had breakfast . Eventually we got the room tidy then we went outside and played hide and seek. It was fun .

After we played hide and seek we had to go inside.

Once we got inside Ms. Whorlow arrived, about 2 minutes later the instructors arrived we all went and got on our waterproofs on again.

We all the jumped into our bus’s and about 5 minutes down the road we arrived at our destination. The instructors explained to us what we were going to do we were then given our selves a bike that fitted us we then set off. We were to follow a really bumpy road we then eventually found one of the worlds best mountain bike trails called the seven stanes it was so fun because we cycled down huge steep hills and through deep puddles it was my best mountain bike experience ever! We then had to cycle over a 30 feet damn which was fun but scary at the same time

Finn Marshall, Portpatrick Primary