From Our Files

50 years ago - May 19, 1962

Monday, 14th May 2012, 12:53 pm

Stewartry County Council and the Scottish Home Department, in consultation with the Chief Constable, have turned down the Western District Council’s recommendation that the 30mph signs at Kirroughtree Housing Scheme, Minnigaff, should be moved to the outer end of the scheme. The members of the Council agreed at their meeting this week to write again to the department stressing the fact there were many young children in the housing scheme at the moment and the main road was a danger to them. Minnigaff representative, Dr Kellie Brooke, said it was ridiculous in a housing scheme occupied chiefly by young married couples where there were children playing on the road that the 30mph signs were not situated at the outer end of the housing scheme.

A KIRKCOWAN kitten used up a few of its nine lives after becoming shut inside a fridge freezer. The kitten had been adopted by workers at the Dundas Chemical Company. One of the workers was putting dog meat into the freezer this week and didn’t notice the kitten slip past him into a dark corner of the fridge. So the door was closed and the kitten forgotten. When the door was reopened at lunch time the following day - 15 hours later - there was the kitten, white with frost and looking very miserable. Quick action was called for and the kitten was duly thawed out by one of the workers. Thankfully, half an hour later, kitty seemed none the worse of the below zero escapade.

25 years ago - May 23, 1987

NEWS that Princess Alexandra is to attend the Stranraer Cattle Show at its 150th anniversary in July this year has upset Wigtown Show bosses. For they harbour a feeling that they have been given the cold shoulder as the Princess will be the FOURTH Royal to visit Stranraer Show. Comparatively, in their 175-year existence, the Wigtown Show - regarded as ‘the County Show’ - has been without Royal attendance. Princess Alexandra’s visit seems to reinforce a view of the widening east-west gap in the district. Wigtown Show secretary Alistair McMillan said he was bitterly disappointed but not surprised at the news. Wigtown Show bosses were apparently snubbed by the Royals last year at the 175th anniversary, despite strenuous attempts including an offer to change the date of the show to attract a member of the Royal Family. In the early 1950’s the Queen and Prince Philip honoured the Stranraer show with their presence. Princess Anne also came within the last decade. The Lord Lieutenant of Wigtownshire Major John Brewis said: “The Royal Family always go on holiday to Balmoral at that time in August when Wigtown Show is staged.”

TWO Wigtown District Council cleansing department members retired this week - Bobby McKie, Stranraer’s road sweeper and binman George Wilson. Between them they have swept 13,000 miles of streets and emptied 685,852 dustbins. It was reckoned Bobby had swept half way round the world, or 13 times to London and back! He had also used no fewer than 497 brushes.