Osprey update

EP the osprey
EP the osprey

These was good news from Galloway osprey over the weekend when our old friend EP got a mate.

Dumfries and Galloway wildlife ranger Elizabeth Tindall reports: “For those of you not following us or the RSPB on facebook or twitter, EP finally has a female osprey and things are going well.

“She was first seen on the nest today and is Blue DK who hatched in Invernesshire in 2011. At the moment she is sitting on the nest and calling, EP has just been in and was attempting to mate with her but it is a bit windy so was unsuccessful. You never know what might happen. Fingers crossed.

“Other Dumfries and Galloway Osprey news another bird, possibly a female from Dumfries and Galloway has been photographed on the River Chess. Blue JK again from 2011.

“Caerlaverock chick number one hatched a few days ago and at Threave there was a recent scare when someone was spotted near the nest with what is thought to be climbing gear. They ran off when approached so no more is known. Keep your eyes and ears open. What an eventful time and today has been a great day for Dumfries and Galloway Ospreys!”