Osprey Update

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LAST week the Wigtown Bay osprey chicks had their identification rings put on.

Wildlife ranger Elizabth Tindall said: “We now have superstars JC and JD. They were big healthy looking chicks. JC was considerably heavier than JD and since they hatched really close together this is surprising. Do you think that we have a girl (JC) and a boy (JD)? Only time will tell, let’s hope that they make it back to Dumfries and Galloway so that we can see them as adults with chicks of their own!

“Andrew Bielinski (RSPB and North Solway Ringers) carried out the ringing with the help of other RSPB staff and Ciril Ostroznik also North Solway Ringers and our tree climber, I was also lucky enough to be there.”