Osprey update

Wildlife ranger Elizabeth Tndall reports thsi week on the latest happenings in the secret osprey nest in the Macahrs.

She said: “Things seem to be progressing nicely a the Wigtown Bay ospreys, apart from a rather irritating stick that got into the nest cup and did not fit in well with the eggs and was too big to be picked up and moved. Anyway finger crossed as the eggs will be hatching anytime soon. Some have hatched in Wales and at the Tweed valley project already, it looks like it is going to be a very early year.

She is also looking for help from Galloway Gazette readers.

Elizabeth adds: “Is there anyone out there who is a good photographer? Do any of you have pictures of the coast seas on Britain if so then we need you! I am involved in World Oceans Week and will be puddling around in rock pools at the beginning of June, which can’t be bad. I have the flyer and a photo competition, the deadline is tomorrow but if you put them in the post now I am sure that they will accept them if they arrive before the end of the week.”