Opposition hits out at DG One plans

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The Labour group on Dumfries and Galloway Council has expressed its concern that proposals for alternative arrangements during the closure of DG One do not go far enough.

Councillor John Martin said: “I am pleased the council has met local clubs who have block bookings on a regular basis and is working out alternative arrangements.

“However, these plans do not go far enough and don’t begin to meet the needs of the majority of users. There are hundreds of events from concerts to use of the gym that the public use on a regular basis at DG One that are not covered by these arrangements. Thousands of members of the public who aren’t members of local clubs are going to lose out because their use isn’t being catered for.”

And Councillor Colin Smyth added: “These proposals are still very sketchy and it is disappointing that the use of the Loreburn Hall has simply been dismissed out of hand by council officers without any evidence it was a not a feasible option.

“The Loreburn Hall is round the corner from DG One, yet the public will be forced to travel miles in some cases to use other facilities. It is ridiculous that the council will be paying other organisations to use facilities when the council owns empty buildings they could use.”