On your marks and get set to beat the streets

People of all ages are being encouraged to pick up a card, set up or join a team and get involved in an exciting new initiative that will get the entirety of Stranraer moving from next week.

Beat the Street is a free, fun community-wide competition that will transform the health of Stranraer by turning the entire town into a gigantic game.

Running for six weeks between 31 August and 12 October 2016. The Beat the Street project in Stranraer is being commissioned by Dumfries and Galloway Council and delivered by Intelligent Health to promote healthier lifestyles and encourage active travel.

Over the next few days, residents should be able to spot beeping and flashing ‘Beat Boxes’ appearing on lampposts across Stranraer. As players travel across the town they must tap the Beat Boxes with a special card they can pick up at a leisure centre, library or GP surgery near them. Each tap earns players points which adds to their total as well as those of their team and community.

Participants are able to create or join teams for Beat the Street to be in with a chance to win prizes. The top three teams on the total points and average points leaderboard could win prizes of £500, £250 or £100 if they walk, run and cycle far enough!

Beat the Street has already been played in Annan and Dalbeattie in 2015 where it was a huge success. More than 30% of residents walked, ran and cycled over 182,000 miles in just six weeks.

With one week until the game begins, residents are being encouraged to sign up for Beat the Street and set up or join a team. Tom McAughtrie – Chairman of Dumfries and Galloway Council’s Communities Committee - said: “There are lots of benefits to taking part in Beat the Street from discovering new things about your area, spending more time with family and friends, improving your health and, of course, winning some great prizes. Beat the Street in Annan & Dalbeattie last year was an incredible success and we hope Beat the Street Stranraer can be even bigger and better.”

“Those who get involved from the start of the game have the best chance of winning up to £500 worth of sports and fitness equipment so if you’re thinking of setting up a team then make sure you and your friends have registered as soon as possible.”

Want to get involved in Beat the Street? Visit beatthestreet.me/stranraer or follow Beat the Street Stranraer on Facebook and @BTSStranraer on Twitter for more information.


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Regular physical activity is known to improve 23 long-term conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, cancers, dementia, depression and anxiety. Taking exercise also helps improve the health of those who already have these conditions.

Following the Beat the Street competition in Reading 2015, a survey showed that eight out of ten people thought that Beat the Street helped them be more active (84%), walk more than usual (78%) and feel healthier (78%).

In 2016, more than 50,000 people have already played Beat the Street in Hounslow, Wolverhampton and Birmingham plus Beat the Street Sandwell which is funded by the National Charity Partnership, a collaboration between Tesco, the British Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK.

The Beat the Street project in Stranraer being commissioned by Dumfries and Galloway Council as part of the Scottish Government Smarter Choices Smarter Places Initiative and delivered by Intelligent Health. The aim is to promote healthier lifestyles and encourage active travel.