Older cats prove hard to rehome across Galloway


An appela has gone out to find potential new homes for some of the area’s older cats in the care of the local Cats Protection branch.

It takes five times longer for older cats to be re homed than kittens and the Cats Protection Stranraer and District, which covers Newton Stewart and the Machars, is struggling to find homes for many of its inhabitants.



Cats Protection nationally has seen a dramatic rise in older cats being left on the shelf.

And with kitten season now underway, this issue becomes even more prevalent.

The Stranraer and District Branch says improvements in cat care have greatly raised the life expectancy and quality of life for cats across the UK, and many household moggies are now living into their late teens and early 20s in good health.

However, the bad news is that owners still appear to choose a cute, fluffy kitten over an older cat.

Sally Adam of the Stranraer Branch said: “It is a shame because older cats have a lot to offer. They tend to stay closer to home so make great companions, their characters are fully formed so you know what sort of cat you’re getting and they’re less likely to scale the curtains or knock your ornaments off the shelf!”

“Though the Stranraer and District Branch looks after all the cats in its care very well, life in a pen is no substitute for a permanent home so I would urge people to consider adopting an older cat.”

Two older cats in desperate need of a home are Gatso and Tully, brother and sister. They have lived together all their long lives.

Sadly their owner passed away recently , leaving them without a home or an owner. At 15 years young, they are still as fit as fiddles and quite likely to have a few more good years in them yet. They have been thoroughly vet checked and come with a clean bill of health.

They are both very relaxed cats, quite unfazed by most events unfolding around them and they are used to living with a dog. Both are very affectionate and gentle cats, just ready to soak up any attention they will be offered, they will be a rewarding pair to adopt.

We are very keen to get these two beautiful cats out of a pen environment and settled into their final home, where they can live out the rest of their long lives in comfort. Being in a pen environment is stressful for any cat and we would like to see these two in a home situation as soon as possible.

If you think you could adopt these two beauties please get in touch with us

Phone 0345 371 2759

Email: cpwigtownshire@btinternet.com

Visit our website www.stranraer.cats.org.uk to view their details and video

While we do take in older cats, we’d urge people to seek alternative method of homing if at all possible, for example with a friend or relative, as being in care can be stressful for any cat.