Oh ‘deer,’ I seem to be in a bit of a tangle


A fallow deer buck got itself into a pickle this week when it got stuck in ropes and wires on an amateur 
radio mast outside Newton Stewart.

Robin Bellerby of Glenamour, who owns the mast, spotted the distressed creature and called for help from Creebridge Veterinary Practice and vet Rupert Gourlay to free it.



Robin explained that the mast is currently down for maintenance.

He said: “Following a particularly savage cull of deer earlier this year, very few are to be seen, so we were very pleased to notice this buck this week, competing with our badger for food.

“However, this morning we noticed that the whole steel mast was shaking and found a beautiful deer entangled. We could 
not get near, and 
assumed the deer would have to be tranquillised. However, the expertise of the vet won through, and the deer was held until the cables and guys were cut.

“The deer was not 
very grateful, and 
tried to kick and gore 
us before running off! 
No damage to us, and 
the deer seems fine. 
We must offer thanks 
to Rupert.