Norovirus closes four wards as more than 50

Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary has been forced to close four wards in the last fortnight following the outbreak of norovirus.

With 44 patients hit by the winter vomiting bug, it wasn’t long before 11 staff were also showing symptoms.

Two wards reopened this week but ward 14 and ward 10 are still closed to admissions, transfers and routine visiting.

Elaine Ross, Infection Control Manager said: “This is an unpleasant virus which is circulating in the community and is spread easier wherever people are together.

“In this outbreak vomiting is more of a feature and this makes it much more easy to transmit which is why we are seeing higher numbers affected in hospital.

“We regret having to take such measures as restricting visiting, particularly over a holiday period, but thank the public and our staff for their continued support and patience as we endeavour to minimise the impact of this horrible bug.”

NHS chiefs said that around 50 percent of those exposed to the virus are likely to show symptoms.