No traffic warden doesn’t mean no law in place for parkers

Police confirmed this week that the force is still clamping down on illegal parking in Wigtownshire despite a lack of traffic warden – particularly in the Machars and Newton Stewart.

Cree Valley Community Council was told by PC Nicola McFadzean that her colleagues are “readily issuing tickets” to drivers found to be breaking laws such as parking illegally.

She said: “This is being done when officers available to monitor the situation.”

Council chairman Tom Greenaway suggested the community in Newton Stewart would prefer to see more officers on the beat rather than parked in cars at junctions.

PC McFadzean replied: “Officers do spend time walking the town and being seen, but thieves are also targeting rural areas so in a place like this, we need to be seen to be out and about and keeping an eye on rural spots as well as in towns. But I’ll certainly pass the thoughts on.