No osprey chicks this year

Two previous visitors to Wigtown Bay
Two previous visitors to Wigtown Bay

Although the Wigtown Bay ospreys are back in town, RSPB experts says there will be no chicks this year because the female is too young to breed.

Paul Tarling from the RSPB’s Crook of Baldoon Reserve said a male and a female were in the area, but the female is only 22 months old and female ospreys don’t start breeding until they are three years old.

He said: “At the moment we can’t say if they are nesting or net. They just seem to be hanging out so we will have to wait till next year for more chicks.”

The cameras that monitor the secret breeding site of the ospreys in Wigtown Bay has been hit by lighting and the RSPB are busy making repairs. Those visiting the osprey viewing room at the top of the County Buildings in Wigtown have to content themselves with watching recordings of ospreys from previous years.