No Darataigh talks for Minister

Roberta Tuckfield
Roberta Tuckfield
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Elected members fighting to retain Daratigh in Stranraer for dementia patients are disappointed Scottish Government’s Health Minister won’t meet with them to discuss the issue.

Councillor Roberta Tuckfield said: “A coalition of Wigtown Councillors are fighting to retain Darataigh as a resource for Dementia sufferers who cannot be cared for at home and which the integrated joint board is commited to close.

“A meeting last Thursday was also attended by Julie White lead officer for the IJB and Gavin Stevenson the chief executive of Dumfries and Galloway. Following a full discussion at which Councillor Jim MClung introduced to the group the enormous demographic changes taking place and therefore the proven case to retain Darataigh as a resource for the west, some movement from the rigid case for closure was established. The clear message also from the Chief Executive was that Darataigh could be utilized to care for elderly therefore freeing up hospital beds at a saving to the IJB. “Dementia sufferers who might otherwise would, be moved out of Wigtownshire and separated from their loved ones permanently could be cared for in Darataigh. Members are hopeful that another meeting can take place as soon as possible to explore issues of ownership of Darataigh and to discuss the way forward. An additional piece of information has been forwarded to me which I regret to advise the readers that the Minister for Health Shona Robison has refused to meet the coalition of Wigtown Councillors.”