NHS staff hear from ‘inspirational’ doctor

Dr Kate Granger (centre) with University of the West of Scotland nursing students
Dr Kate Granger (centre) with University of the West of Scotland nursing students

Over 130 NHS staff and University of the West of Scotland nursing students were gathered at Easterbrook Hall on Tuesday 23 June to hear Dr Kate Granger talk about her inspirational #Hellomynameis... campaign.

Dumfries was the only Scottish stop on her week-long 1600 mile tour of 15 healthcare organisations across Britain.

Kate is a 31 year old married consultant from Yorkshire who specialises in care of the elderly. She also has terminal cancer. Since being diagnosed in 2011, Kate has experienced what it is like to be a patient and it was after an unplanned spell in hospital to deal with an infection following a routine stent exchange that #hellomynameis was born.

Her idea is a simple one; to use social media primarily to remind, encourage and inspire healthcare staff to introduce themselves to their patients. Kate said: “I firmly believe a friendly introduction is about fare more than just common courtesy but rather human connections, therapeutic relationships and building trust with patients.”

“As an avid exponent for both healthcare improvement and social media I decided that it was just not enough to simply complain. My complaint would be politely acknowledged but nothing would change. Therefore, after an inspiring conversation with my husband, in which I was plainly told to “stop whinging and do something”, we set off on the #hellomynameis journey.”

Kate added finally: “To keep up the momentum Chris and I decided it was important that more NHS were able to hear my story in person, so we came up with the grand idea to go on tour. It is very exciting to be able to meet people from all over the country and spread the #hellomynameis message further. It will be an incredibly tiring but I hope productive week and I’m extremely grateful to Chris for his immense logistics skills to keep me on track!”

After finishing her talk, Dr Kate Granger was joined on stage by Dr Ken Donaldson to answer questions from members of NHS staff and UWS Students.