NHS pressure group formed in Galloway

A group of concerned individuals have formed a group to hold NHS Dumfries and Galloway to account over the service their provide to the west of the region.

The Stranraer Health Service Pressure Group say they area group of “like minded people who are campaigning for a better and fairer health service”.

They have negotiated meetings with the Dumfries and Galloway Health Board in order to take patients concerns and suggestions to them.

They will grill heath chiefs over problems with appointments in Dumfries as opposed to local hospitals and ask what measures are being taken regarding staff shortages.

One of the group, Margaret Nevins, told The Galloway Gazette: “The purpose of the group is to work with local people to keep the services that are already here as the NHS keep giving us assurances that services will not be downgraded but there is a grey area between downgrading and downmaning, although we realise that recruiting doctors is a national problem.”

The pressure group are meeting on Tuesday with the NHS Board at Waverley Medical Centre in Stranraer and they hope to arrange a meeting in the Machars soon to get issues aired in this area.

The group already have 1000 members on their Facebook page and the number is growing daily as word spreads.

They would like to hear from anyone who would normally use The Galloway Community Hospital or Newton Stewart Hospital to join the group and share experiences, good or bad, either publicly or privately. Their Facebook page is ‘Stranraer Health Service Pressure Group’ alternatively you can contact The Galloway Gazette on 01671 4047767 or email editorial@gallowaygazette.com and we will put you in touch with the group.