NHS job crisis not fault of ‘bogeyman’

Galloway Community Hospital
Galloway Community Hospital

Dumfries and Galloway MP Russell Brown has called for Government action to help tackle the staffing shortage at the Galloway Community Hospital in Stranraer.

With similar recruitment problems facing hospitals across Scotland, the Labour MP believes the issue is now a national problem that requires an urgent action plan.

Mr Brown said: “I think there is a bit of a myth from some people that there is a bogeyman in the NHS in Dumfries who is somehow trying to downgrade the Galloway Community Hospital by failing to recruit staff.

“I have spoken to fellow MPs across Scotland to find out the extent to which their local hospitals are facing similar issues and it is clear that this isn’t just a problem in Dumfries and Galloway, with some major general hospitals in large towns failing to recruit key personnel.

“It is clear we need national action from the Scottish Government. I have written to the Scottish Health Minister urging him to put in place a national action plan to tackle the recruitment crisis facing the NHS.”

Mr Brown acknowledged that in remote areas the problem was more challenging. He said: “Obviously in remote areas it is particularly difficult to recruit staff. Often it isn’t just about finding one job, but having to find two for a family before they can move.

“In Dumfries and Galloway that is a huge problem because we have a major shortage of well-paid, professional jobs. We have to highlight the attraction of living here.”