NHS ‘committed to sustaining improvements’

In the wake of findings by health inspectors after a follow-up inspection of Galloway Community Hospital released last week, an NHS chief has assured the public he is committed to improving the issue.

An NHS Dumfries and Galloway spokesperson said this week that the body accepted the recommendations made.

The report highlighted that reccommendations made in a previous report from last year had not been met.

Areas still causing concern included the need for a better implementation of the national colour coding scheme for hospital cleaning materials and equipment across the wards to minimise the risk of infection, and the level of compliance regarding antibiotic prescribing documentation was poor.

NHS Dumfries and Galloway, Chief Executive, Jeff Ace said: “We acknowledge the progress achieved by the Galloway Community Hospital team in meeting and implementing a wide range of improvements to date.

“We are fully committed to working with staff and Healthcare Improvement Scotland to sustain the improvements already achieved and will continue work hard to ensure the remaining recommendations are addressed.”