Newton Stewart was wheelie, wheelie good for bikes

Newton Stewart was a bikers’ paradise on Sunday as the town hosted the inaugural Wheelie Good Bike Show. Some 130 bikes took part in the ride-in from New Galloway, led by local GP winner, Ian Simpson of Dalbeattie.

A variety of classic, modern and customised bikes made the journey. A further 100-plus bikes arrived in the town and parked on Victoria Street. It was a fine sight, sound and smell and the atmosphere was great.

There was also a significant buzz about Newton Stewart as a place to visit, how friendly the local were and a substantial number of visitors seemed keen to return. That reaction was due to local businesses that supported the event by staying open, by providing stalls and manning them.

The bands in Riverside car park gave the audience a great mix of African drumming, blues and rock, giving their time for free to help the Newton Stewart Rotary Club raise funds for Riders for Health.

Jim Hayes, president of Newton Stewart Rotary Club said: “We are keen for the town to host the event next year, if at all possible.”