New website gives Gazette readers the Wow factor

IT’S A 24-7 WOW factor for Galloway Gazette readers as owner Johnston Press launches a national online entertainments website,

The site will keep readers up to date with what’s on where and what’s on when locally and across the UK, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

WOW247 allows people to search a database of over 500,000 events across categories including film, music, theatre, food and drink. The site has been created using technology which allows the audience a great experience whatever the device being used, whether its a computer, a phone or ibook.

The site also showcases events across the country and allows readers to set their location for a locally-focused experience.

If you want to find an exhibition in Glasgow or Edinburgh or plan a family day out in your local area, WOW247 is the new port of call.

WOW247 is much more than a listings site. It draws on the strengths of Gazette publisher Johnston Press, a media group stretching the length and breadth of the country bringing together the best in entertainments content.

Comprehensive, detailed listings are complemented by eye-catching, engaging editorial and content and which allows anyone to post a comment, write a review or add their own event.

The site places readers at the heart of the experience - they will be able to share tips and recommendations, and their views will be central to forming a lively online community. There will be an unwavering focus on social media as the brand grows and reaches an ever wider audience.

It will also be easy to book ticketing, travel and accommodation, and there will be plenty of special offers and deals.

Promoters can publicise their events on the Galloway Gazette Gazette website and, as well as taking advantage of a number of online display advertising opportunities to promote their business and brand.

With over 10 million visitors a month, Johnston Press operates the largest online regional newspaper network in the UK. This audience, coupled to the, gives promoters an unrivalled opportunity to promote their event in the national and local market.

Paul Napier, Group Editorial Development Director, said: “We’ve created WOW247 with the wishes of the audience and the needs of the advertisers clearly in mind.

“People coming to WOW247 will find a huge, rich database of events which is easy to search and gives all the information anyone could need to take part in a leisure activity. On top of that, there will be lots of previews, reviews and opportunities for the audience to share their thoughts on what they’ve seen and enjoyed - or not - as well as publicising their own events. 

“And advertisers have many attractive options to put their event in front of the people who are most likely to be encouraged to respond.

“We’re bringing content from around the country together into one place – hyper local, wherever you are – and whatever ‘local’ means to you. You decide.

 “WOW247 is a rich national entertainments site and a rich local entertainments site which you can shape to fit the way you want to organise the fun things in your life.

“It’s also the first website we’ve created to give a first-rate experience on whatever device is used, so WOW247 is great on smartphones, on tablets, on laptops and on desktops.”

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