New scam warning

A NEW phone scam came to light this week and a Monchrum woman, who could have been taken in by the caller, contacted the Galloway Gazette to warn others top be on their guard.

The pensioner said: “I was called by an Indian guy who said he worked for a company called ‘Falcon’. He knew my name and told me that my credit card limit had been increased without my knowledge. He said this was illegal and that I was due compensation. He told me it was very important I stayed on the line to hear how much compensation I was due.

“I told him that he would be wanting my credit card details but he said no.”

“I decided to hang up on him but he kept trying to phone me back. I noticed it was an 0845 number and there was a funny click when I answered the first time. I think now they got my number to call their number at the high charge rate for those numbers.

“I contacted the police but they may call some one who thinks they are genuine and run up a massive phone bill.”

A police spokesman said: “People really do need to be careful when taking calls. It can be all to easy to get sucked into a scam – and when the ‘scammers’ start to talk of compensation and money back – sometime people forget their caution and before you know it have divulged personal information.

“The old adage of “If it sounds too good to be true – then it probably is” should always be remembered, and if people do not usually do business like this be telephone- why start now.