New nursery for Newton Stewart pupils

Pupils in the new nursery at Penninghame Primary
Pupils in the new nursery at Penninghame Primary

Nursery pupils have a fabulous new building at Penninghame Primary School in Newton Stewart.

The new build provides an ideal learning environment that is fit for purpose in the 21st century and is energy efficient. It is child friendly, bright, colourful and delivers an ideal learning environment.

The site was chosen to enable the nursery to operate independently of the school, with its own entrance so that parents don’t need to cross the school playground.

The colour palette for the nursery was chosen to complement the land around the school, which has many species of mature trees.

Councillor Jeff Leaver, chairman of the CYPLL (Children, Young People and Lifelong Learning) committee, said: “Providing the best start for all our children is a priority for our Council. The new Penninghame Nursery is an outstanding example of this. As you enter the building, you have the feeling that this is an ideal environment in which to learn. The building and grounds combine to enable everyone at the nursery to participate in and enjoy all aspects of nursery education to the best of their abilities.”