New MSP Carson pledges to support local communities

The new MSP for Galloway and West Dumfries, Finlay Carson, took time out from the celebrations to look to the future.

The Conservative candidate, who won the seat at Thursday’s Scottish Parlimentary elections, said: “It is an enormous privilege to be elected to represent my home constituency of Galloway and West Dumfries as the Member of the Scottish Parliament. I fought this campaign based on my local credentials with a clear six-point plan to boost job creation and encourage more inward investment, and over the next five years I will put the interests of Galloway and West Dumfries first and be a champion for our local communities”.

“Across the country, Ruth Davidson and the Scottish Conservatives had a great election. At the centre of Ruth’s campaign was a promise to hold the SNP to account and oppose a second referendum. Ruth and her team, of which I am honoured to be part of, will do exactly that and over the course of this new term of Parliament we will be vehement in making sure the SNP don’t create uncertainty by agitating for another referendum but rather get on with the job they were elected to do: protecting our vital public services and driving Scotland forward”.

“I want to thank the people of Galloway and West Dumfries for putting their trust in me - I won’t let them down”.