New leader for Chamber of Commerce

Wolf Richthofen, Fergus Ewing and Aileen MacLeod
Wolf Richthofen, Fergus Ewing and Aileen MacLeod

THE Wigtownshire Chamber of Commerce has welcomed a new chairman following its AGM last Thursday.

Taking the helm upon the retiral of five-year president Peter Jeal is Wolf Richthofen, with fellow board members

Jim Doran, Tessa Knott and John Simpson signing up.

Also retiring were secretary Bobbie Jeal along with John Dobson and Howden Skimming. A further seat will be taken after the incumbent returns from an overseas holiday.

Mr Richthofen said: “As the new Chairman of the Wigtownshire Chamber of Commerce, I would like to thank Peter and Bobbie Jeal for all of their hard work, time and effort over the last five years. With their help, membership has grown considerably over the last 12 months and I intend to build on that foundation in the future. I’d also like to thank John Dobson and Howden Skimming for their input and effort too.”

On Monday the new Chairman got down to work with a meeting with Energy and Tourism Minister Fergus Ewing and local MSP Dr Aileen McLeod. Outgoing Chairman Peter Jeal was on hand to provide continuity during the hand-over. The minister had travelled to Newton Stewart to meet with the Chamber and discuss issues of concern to the business sector - energy prices and job creation funding being central topics.

“It was good to meet with the minister and be able to raise these kind of issues in a free forum. We also gained the opportunity to outline some new lines of inward investment we had been pursuing lately, including an exciting

opening in the growing Chinese market.”

He went on: “During a recent meeting with the Chinese attache, Mr Jeal had learned that there is a potential export market which could be of great value to Wigtownshire, and one we intend to pursue fully. We had also identified a potential investment partnership here in Wigtownshire with a middle eastern country. Our meeting with the Minister has now opened the doors to pursuing these lines of enquiry further with the right individuals.”

Mr Richthofen said that with membership of the Chamber growing, he had further extension plans.

He said: “We will be holding a number of events across Wigtownshire over the next 12 months which our members will be updated on shortly. The intention will be to attract more members, provide valuable networking opportunities, fund raising for the Chamber and social events for our members. We will also continue to build on our good working relationship with all our local MSPs, MP and Council Members and officers.” > Board Director