New ferries will replace current fleet

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TWO new superferries will replace the current Stena fleet in Loch Ryan when the Port of Cairnryan opens in autumn.

Sister ships Superfast VII and Superfast VIII will replace the HSS Stena Voyager, Stena Caledonia and Stena Navigator, which currently operate between Stranraer and Northern Ireland, and will complete the journey in 2 hours 15 minutes.

The Superfast vessels, the biggest ships ever to operate on the Scotland-Northern Ireland route, will cater for both passenger and freight traffic and each ship can carry up to 1,200 passengers, around 660 cars or 110 freight vehicles. For freight customers, the ships will be altered to allow for extra deck height to accommodate the trend for higher, more efficient freight units.

Paul Grant, Route Director for Stena Line Scotland-Northern Ireland said: “The new ships will be the largest vessels ever to operate between Scotland and Northern Ireland and will provide Stena Line with increased operational efficiency by replacing three ships with two. The unique combination of speed, capacity, increased deck height, great onboard facilities and modern ports at each end of the journey will greatly enhance the ferry travel experience for all our customers.”