New exhibition opens

A new exhibition opens this Saturday at Gracefield Gallery 1, Dumfries by artist group Ten.

Timelines shows new work based on individual responses to 30 days in time. The artists are all based in south-west Scotland and each artist will show 30 affordable CD-sized works as well as larger pieces in painting, drawing and printmaking.

Landscape and environment feature strongly in the group’s work, sometimes as the subject and sometimes as the backdrop for other subjects.

The group members for this exhibition are: Patti Lean, Bella Green, Silvana McLean, Maggie Savage, Kathleen Woods, Gill Shreeve, Jane Blair, Margaret Robb and Claire Sutherland. The “Ten” group formed as an opportunity to get together to discuss each other’s work, form ideas for exhibition collaboration, which so far has resulted in a show at the Kelly Gallery, Glasgow, in the summer and this second larger exhibition on home turf at Gracefield.

The membership will come and go as new members join and old members leave and different exhibitions will feature different artists – the main idea behind the group is to act as forum for artists working in rural areas – the group has been small so far and seemed to be a number that could fit comfortably around a lunch table.

Go along on Saturday, December 1, from 2-4pm, when artists from the group will be on hand to talk informally about the themes related to their work. Refreshments will be served and all are welcome to attend.

Bella Green will host a talk on Wednesday, December 5, at 1.30pm. And on Saturday, December 8, at 2pm, Silvana McLean, Patti Lean and Gill Shreeve will be in the gallery.

Most of the artworks are available to buy and can be collected on Saturday, December 22, if needed for Christmas, otherwise purchases can be collected after the close of the exhibition from Monday, January 7.

Admission is free and teh gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-5pm, closing for a short break over Christmas and New Year, re-opening on January 3.