New elections for Whithorn Community Council

WHITHORN Community Coun­cil’s monthly meeting last Monday night was dramatically cancelled after Dumfries and Gal­loway Council discovered the community council was 
operating outwith its consti­tution.

Another election will now be held after invalid elections were held in November to co-opt new members onto the community council after other members had resigned.

At that meeting five members were co-opted on after a secret ballot bringing the total to 14 members.

After a further three resig­nations in January and the co-option at that meeting of three more members, local authority officials studied the community council’s constitution more 
closely and found the com­munity council had broken the rules by co-opting on too many members as there must be fewer than 10 co-opted members.

A council spokesman said: “Whithorn Community Council only has four bona fide members and an election will now have to take place.

“Nominations can be received by the council up to April 2 and the election will take place on May 2. This will put them on a sounder footing.”

No community council meetings can be held until after the election.