New council contract for Furniture Project

Dumfries and Galloway Social Enterprise Network has announced a major new initiative from two of its members.

The Furniture Project Stranraer and Moffat Carbon Approaching Neutral have successfully joined forces to become preferred bidders for a 25-year reuse contract with Dumfries and Galloway Council.

Starting next year, the two organisations will be taking in unwanted furniture, household goods, office furniture, construction materials and a whole range of other items through the Council’s Household Waste Recycling Centres. They’ll be repairing and refurbishing items and then selling them on through purpose-built shops at Stranraer and Dumfries Zero Waste Parks, as well as through charity shops around the region.

The new initiative will create jobs and training placements, helping local people gain new skills and get into work. It will also boost income for local charities, helping them provide opportunities for vulnerable people.

Chris Ballance of Moffat CAN said “This offers a great chance for expanding our services. With our new furniture shop recently opened in Annan we know there’s a huge demand for affordable furniture and other goods and this means we can ensure even more are available to the region.”

Paul Smith of the Furniture Project Stranraer said “With our experience of helping people gain new skills and jobs through placements at our existing site in Stranraer, we know that this presents a fantastic opportunity to offer even more”.

Cara Gillespie of Dumfries and Galloway Social Enterprise Network, who helped the two groups develop their partnership bid, said “Social Enterprises present a win-win for everyone, achieving social and environmental benefits while at the same time generating income to support their business and relying less on grants. Moffat CAN and The Furniture Project Stranraer are showing everyone what is possible and we’re delighted to support them.”