New community councils elected

Only two per cent of those eligible turned out last Thursday to cast their vote in the Newton Stewart Ward to elect their representatives on Cree Valley Community Council.

Only 78 people out of 3814 in the ward filled in a ballot paper.

As a result of the poll, nine new community councillors will become members of Cree Valley Community Council at the next meeting on Monday, November 2.

Those elected are:

James R Brown; David Inglis; Clifford J Smithers; Mary Bennewith; Diann Hughes; Richard A Kay; Anthony Berretti; Mary D McMillan and Robert P Boan.

They will join up with the previous elected members of Cree Valley Community Council, Neil F Cairns (Minnigaff ward); Morag M W McIlwraith (Bargrennan and Glentrool ward); Thomas Greenaway (Newton Stewart Landward ward) and William Cannon (Minnigaff landward ward), to form a new community council.

In Stranraer, a completely new community council will be formed after that election saw 14 candidates elected. They are: Hamilton M McMillan; James D Ferguson; Eileen McClymont; Julie Currie; Dr Crawford L Alexander; Robert J Higgins; Alison J Stewart; Eileen J Bryant; James E McClurg; Karen E McMiken; Elizabeth F Hildrew; Nicholas Arkless; John M Rae and Heidi Wilson. A total of 4.6 per cent of those eligible in the town voted - 288 out of an electorate of 6239.

In Portpatrick, 12 candidates were elected to the village community council. The are:

Carolyn McDougall; Donald McDonald; Gordon McKie; William McDougall; June Hoad; Dr David W Telford; Tracy Rankin; Sylvia Armour; Bridget Schofield; Dr Adrian Waterworth; Veronica Keiley and Trevor Potts.

There was a 26.7 per cent turn out to the polls in Portpatrick with 158 ballot paper returned out of an electorate of 590.