Neknominations slammed by authorities

Police have sent out a warning to youngsters taking part in the latest internet craze, neknominations.

The fad involves partakers being recorded on a mobile phone or similar device drinking a pint of alcohol in one go while trying to outdo each other with the strangest or quirkiest location as a background.

Some local videos have shown farmers milking their cows or on the roof of a tractor, while others online depict army soldiers in tanks. At the end of each video, the subject must then nominate a friend to take part, film it and post it online within 24 hours.

The worldwide game began in Australia but has rapidly spread, and this weekend took the lives of two young lads in Ireland who, it is believed, died after drinking a concoction of lethal alcohol while taking part in neknominations.

Police Scotland issued a statement on Monday urging people to avoid dare or nomination games involving alcohol, and various alcohol agencies have also spoken out against the craze.

Some people have attempted to divert attentionaway from those putting themselves in danger and have instead filmed random acts of kindess such as people paying for someone else’s shopping in a supermarket, or donating a pint of juice to a homeless person and nominating a friend to do the same.