National Playday

Children in Dumfries and Galloway are preparing to join thousands of children across Scotland in a national celebration devoted to play!

National Playday is usually celebrated on the first Wednesday of August every year, but in Scotland this year will be celebrated on June 21, which will allow more staffed provision, including schools and nurseries to celebrate and take part.

Hundreds of children will gather at various venues throughout the region and take part in play activities, finally spelling the giant word P L A Y by (this will be the children all joining together and forming each letter of the word, to make a large scale word that spells out play)

In 2010 over 850 events took place to celebrate playday in, making it the biggest on record.

Previous years have seen children taking over Trafalgar Square, ubilee style street parties, and large-scale mud pie and den building in parks and on village greens.

The event has been organised by DG Play which DGPlay are hoping this will be the biggest event yet.

Sharon Cameron, Development Officer at DG Play said: “This is going to be a great day with thousands of children and adults across the UK all coming together to enjoy a day of playing.

“As we get older we forget what great fun just messing about can be. It is a shame. But play is such an important thing for children. Through play, children learn about themselves and the world around them. Play helps children develop confidence, self-esteem and creativity.

“Every child and young person deserves the chance to play, and that’s what June 21 is all about.”

Any groups wishing to join in the fun should contact Sharon either by calling 01988 501 145 or by email