Mystery of injured cat in Newton Stewart


The Scottish SPCA is appealing to find the owner of an injured cat who was discovered in Newton Stewart.

Scotland’s animal welfare charity was alerted on Thursday 4 September when a member of the public discovered the distressed cat in a garden in Wigtown Road.

The black male cat is now in the care of the Scottish SPCA’s Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Lanarkshire, where he has been nicknamed Andy.

Animal Rescue Officer Tracy Cannon said: “Poor Andy had got his leg caught inside his collar and was taken to a local vet by the person who found him.

“It was so bad that his collar had to be cut off and he was given treatment for a badly infected wound as a result.

“Andy is microchipped but sadly it seems that his owner’s details have not been updated, so we are now appealing to anyone who recognises him to get in touch.

“Oddly, on his chip details, he was identified as a female with the name Annie. However, having been vet checked, we discovered he is in fact a neutered male.

“Other than his injury he is in good condition and is a very friendly boy so we’re sure someone must be missing him.

“If no one comes forward to claim Andy we’ll find him a loving new home.”

Anyone who recognises Andy being urged to contact the Scottish SPCA’s animal helpline on 03000 999 999.