Mystery of hot pavillion

Creetown pavilion by the MUGA. GG 0410029 11
Creetown pavilion by the MUGA. GG 0410029 11

MYSTERY surrounds a break in at Creetown Pavillion last weekend, which resulted in heaters and showers being left on - but no lights.

Ferrytoon manager Eddie McGaw, whose team use the pavillion as changing rooms after practice, arrived on Saturday to find broken roof tiles and clear signs that someone had broken in through the Velux roof window.

Eddie said: “I approached the door and could feel an unusual heat coming from it. I put my hand on the door and knew something was wrong.”

Eddie carefully opened the door to find all the heaters had been switched on along with all the showers and the immersion heater - but no lights.

He said: “I could tell someone had come in through the roof, there are feet marks on the walls. And someone has pulled a bench across the outside door and tried to start a fire in the doorway - it looks like they’d had a wee party. Whether these were the same folks as had been inside, I’ve no idea.”

Whether this was down to mindless vandals or night-time squatters, it’s hard to say but reports of tents and campers pitching up not far from the pavillion of late throws a new possible explanation on things.

The community council who own the building weren’t available for comment and it’s not yet known whether they have contacted police.

But Eddie said: “Joe Harper Roofing from Gelston near Castle Douglas have kindly offered to fix the roof for free but this kind of behaviour just spoils it for everyone who needs to use the building.”

The pavillion is used by local football teams and various community groups regularly.